Monday, 28 May 2012

The Toilet Terror

Here is the final product for the 3D illustration which was handed in today. Overall I'm very pleased with the project and feel as though this is the project where i have gained most knowledge. There are still some improvements that i would like to make, however for now - here it is :)
The Toilet Terror

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tentacle Production #04 - Position

I have spent the morning working on positioning the tentacle in the scene. Initially i planned on using just the one tentacle and posing it the best way possible, however the tentacle itself was too short and too thin, and left some what of a dull impact. So i decided to use a little maya trickery, and use 3 different tentacles, each positioned to look like one. I then also had to rig another more refined/smalled tentacle to wrap around the little girls leg. The next stage will be to create the lighting set-up for the tentacle, and the apply the SSS shader that i have previously created.

I have also spent last night working on the little girls hair, and some great progress has been made. The shape is almost in place, which just leaves the lighting and render settings to play with - a post will be on its way shortly.

Tentacle Very Near Final Pose
Tentacle Initial Pose Attempt

Character Production #10 - Shader/Lighting

With the illustration now piecing together, i am pleased to show you the lighting and shading for the character. The character has a separate light set-up to the environment, however it follows the same principles. A Key light to get the base, some rim lights to allow the model to stand out from the rest of the image, and some bounce lights to create a more realistic render. The SSS skin shader has had some further tweaks to make the character appear more pasty and child like, and the mouth is in a work in progress stage.

Character Lighting/Shader Render
Character Light Set-Up

Friday, 25 May 2012

Project Branding #02 - CD Design

A simple CD design for ready to be printed for submission. The design follows the same colour palette as the rest of the project branding, as well as is simple but slightly graphic design.

Submission CD Design

Tentacle Production #03 - Sub Surface Scattering

Today i have been texturing and shading the tentacle, a process which i knew i wanted to complete via sub surface scattering. After spending some time working on the SSS shader for the character, i felt it was time to tackle the tentacle, which i must say has been one of the hardest parts of the project so far. I'm happy with the results that have been produced, with just the spec map, and some minor tweaking to be made. The shader started as a basic misss fast skin shader, i then went on to adjust some of the setting, plug a colour map into the overall colour, and an mib_amb_occlusion into the diffuse. I then went onto plug in a displacement map using a 2d water procedural texture, and a bump map which started out as the same, however due to some problems, a simple texture map was created via photoshop.

Tentacle SSS Shader Pose Test
Tentacle SSS Shader Development
Tentacle Colour/Bump Map

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Character Production #09 - Hair Development I

Amongst other things, i have spent the day working on developing the hair for the character, and i must say, I'm still not very happy with the outcome. After hours of tackling with the settings under the hair system attributes, some help may soon be needed. Below you can see final outcome for the hair today, and a test with some forces applied in an attempt to replicate the character being dragged. I think with the correct lighting, the hair will raise to a next level of quality. I have attempted to retain a more illustrative look, as you can get lost in the settings an begin to develop a more realistic hair setup. I have also further developed the composition of the shot, and have begun to set up some lighting for the character body.

Maya Hair Force Comparison
Composition Test Render

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Character Production #08 - Final Pose

I've got the final pose ready for texture/shading, and the hair to be put in place. Since the last update on the pose, i have now deleted the history of the geometry, and deleted the joints. As well as this i have now re-sculpted the geometry via some lattice deformers to reposition some lumps and bumps, and correct the geometry. This can been seen mainly under the armpit, and along the arms of the night dress. Now time to stop the character looking alien like and add in some hair.

Character Final Pose

Character Production #08 - Sub Surface Scatter Shader

Here's the basic SSS shader for the character. So far there is a subdermal, and a scatter weight map plugged into the shader. The next stage will be to add the colour map, possible bump, and to further refine the shader once setup in the environment. Overall I'm very pleased with the outcome so far - the SSS shader aids in taking the image to a new level of quality. Below we have the final product, and some WIP renders taken whilst tweaking the shader to achieve the final result.

Character Sub Surface Scatter Shader
Character Sub Surface Scatter Shader WIP's

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Character Production #07 - Pose Test II

With the character fully skinned i have begun the process of posing her and bringing her and the environment together. However whilst taking a quick test render for the blog, maya decided not to give me a save option, and wrote over a the WIP file for the pose. Though there is no time to worry, so i will swiftly move onto create another pose. I have also set up the character in the scene to get a rough idea of how to pose the character in relation to the composition of the image. There is a very rough render below with no lighting set-up created for the character, and just a basic lighting lambert applied. This has allowed me to see where some faults lie within the pose of the character.

Character Pose Render
Character + Environment Pose Render

I have now re-posed the character. Some minor tweaks to the joints are still needed, such as the finger placement. Then the next stage will be to delete the joints, separate the geometry and use some lattice deformers to further pose/correct the character.

Character Re-Pose

Character Production #06 - Facial Expression

Recently i have been working on the characters night dress again, as i noticed some texture stretching which was due to the topology of the model. Once complete i was then able to move onto create the facial expression for the character - which was achieved via some wire deformers and some blend shapes. The next stage of the character will be to finally pose her in the environment, and to create the shader for her skin, and the hair - which I'm most looking forward to. As everyone will know, the deadline week has begun, which means its busy times ahead. A lot of work will slowly be pieced together over the next couple of days, then in time the final illustration. Along side the character work i have also done some minor work on the environment. I have added some more props which fill up the scene and make it seem more believable as a bathroom, some possible props to come include; a tooth brush cup on the window sill, a soap/holder on the wall, and a door.

Characrer Pose Render
Character Face Blend Shape Set-up
Character Wire Deformers
Character Blend Shapes
New Character Night Dress Topology
Environment Update

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Texture Development #01

With the basic lighting in place, the texture development has now begun on the project. So far i have put a base colour on the character, which enabled me to see some stretching faults in the characters night dress which went un-noticed whilst unwrapping the UV's. I have also put the base colour for the hallway in place - which is looking rather promising. The next stage of the texturing process will be to complete the base colour for the entire environment, add a pass of detailing to the colour maps such as dirt, then start to develop the bump maps.

The hall rug will be textured with a colour map and will be created using maya fur, so for now the base colour will serve as a rough idea of what the scene will look like.

Hall Way Colour Development
A qucik test showing the character in the environment, as i had not yet put the two together. With some dodgy lighting on the character, its allready becoming more clear what lies ahead.

Character + Environment Test
Character Texture Development #01
*Update I have now added in the base colour for the bathroom wall, now with just the toilet and the sink to go.

Bathroom Colour Development

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Environment Production #03 - Lighting

I have spent the day, and this evening lighting the basic environment as it stands. Some temporary render setting have been put in place and the process of lighting the scene is near completion.There will be some further changes made to the lighting when the character and the tentacle has been put in place - some notable  changes will be made to the front side of the door frame, as the detail cannot currently be seen, and some extra rim lights will be added to the bathroom. Overall I'm happy with the progress made in lighting the scene, and an in depth post will be made on how i achieved the lighting seen in the image below.

Environment Lighting WIP 01
Environment Lighting Setup

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Character Production #05 - Body Skinned

The characters body has finally been skinned to a set of joints created for positioning the character in the scene. I followed the basic pipeline on rigging for animation, however as this is a still image i am able to cut some corners in the geometry not folding in the proper fashion, all of which can be solved with some clusters and lattice deformers. The skinning process is complete up until the addition of controls, which wont be needed in this piece. As you can see the characters UV's are correctly laid out, and the addition of a throat has been added. The next stage of the characters production will be to pose the body, and add cluster controls/blendshapes to pose the face.

Character UV/Joints
Character Throat
Character Throat WireFrame

Monday, 14 May 2012

Environment Production #02 - The Scene

Ive not posted anything in a while, but have been working on various different parts of the project. For the most part i have been working on rigging the character for posing (which has had a rather wide range of problems), and the scene for the environment has begun to take shape. The majority of the scene in in place, however there are some props which need to be added, as well as the posing of the little girl, and the tentacle. 

As you can see the scene it pretty heavy on its polycount, this is due to the fact that i am modelling as much of the detail as possible, rather than texturing it. The floorboard, and the bathroom tiles, are good examples of this, as they could both easily be created in the texturing stage. I have also smoothed each individual model so there is less distortion in the texture when rendering.

Environment Scene
Environment Scene WireFrame
Environment Scene Render
Bathroom Render
Door Render
Camera Angle WIP